Friday 21 August 2015

Detectorists 2 soon

The second series of Detectorists will be aired on BBC Four later this year. It will pick up the story of Andy and Lance "as they continue to pursue their dream of finding Anglo-Saxon gold in a corner of a muddy field in Essex". Set only a year later (?), they've been very busy, Lance has done a rapid course and qualified in archaeology (his thesis no doubt was on 'Ringpulls through the Ages') and there are new relationships "and old enemies".  So, I guess we are now going to see an "archaeologist" swinging a detector on a popular peak viewing hour programme and the PAS will, as ever, remain silent. It remains to be seen if they deal in any meaningful way with the issue of the conflict between archaeological methodology and the aims of the discipline as a whole, and the oiky-hoiky artefact hunting and collecting the programme is based around. Or will that somehow just drop out of sight? I wonder, too, whether the dopy old NCMD reconsidered their decision not to get involved (or perhaps this time they were not invited)?

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