Friday 21 August 2015

LAVA PAS's Karaoke Recorders Getting Younger and Younger

So how reliable are the data recorded by such 'volunteers' compared with those already on the database before May this year when LAVA PAS began using such volunteers? These data will not be comparable to those entered by professional and experienced archaeologists in previous years, will they? 
Some young detectorists learning how to record their finds
and work out grid refs at Manchester Museum

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Anonymous said...

Never mind the efficiency, PAS was set up and financed to cope with the problem which metal detecting posed, not to expand the activity by bringing another generation into it.

Let them encourage youngsters to become young archaeologists, not random, selective consumers of the archaeological resource. Let them dare to say that description is false.

Don't forget, you'll never, ever see an image of a PAS employee metal detecting. They know perfectly well it's not a suitable activity for those who have a scientific, unselfish approach to archaeology.

Shame on them.

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