Thursday 20 August 2015

Like Vikan, Hecht used Rescue Argument too

US museum man Vikan wanted to 'rescue art' from the Middle East, and a US dealer from the Greeks and Italians
Hecht  [...] died in 2012 at the age of 92. His wife, Elizabeth, had recruited coin collector and Corning Glass family member Arthur Houghton, who served as a curator at the Getty in the 1980s, to write a lengthy foreword to a self-published memoir. The hardcover itself is a skimpy read, not even 70 pages. Hecht, who had been banned from multiple countries in the past for his dealings, offered an open letter meant to forward his main argument about antiquities. He did not traffic in stolen works. He “rescued” art by steering it to great museums.
Geoff Edgers, 'One of the world’s most respected curators vanished from the art world. Now she wants to tell her story' Washington Post August 20 2015.

Has anyone seen this , apparently privately printed, "memoir"?


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