Friday, 2 November 2012

PAS Staff Problems

Metal detectorist "leeds747" is not going to do any recording because of what they call a "FLO Timewaster!!!!" Thu Nov 01, 2012. 
I went too (sic) the Leeds Museum several weeks ago to arrange to meet up with the FLO but the person stationed at the desk informed me that he or she only turn up every six months or so and the next time they would be here would be on the 1st of November so i said thanks and left. So last Friday i phoned to make sure they would be there they said yes Thursday the 1st November between 2-4? I arrived in good time with a few artifacts and coins to be recorded and identified, I went to the counter and i asked a member of staff where the FLO was set up she replied oh they cancelled today and wont be back till the 24th of November So after after a few choice words!! with a manager of sorts i left the building. I wont be wasting my time again

So they are going to carry on hoiking without recording because he cannot find a FLO? The person he failed to meet, I imagine, would be Amy Downes, based in Wakefield, 13km south of Leeds. I bet the detectorist would think nothing of travelling 13 km (it's even a bike ride) to a site to do some detecting, but cannot be bothered to go to Wakefield.

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