Monday, 5 November 2012

Temerity Magazine

Sounds tempting doesn't it? "Temerity Magazine ignites imaginations to join us in the hunt for relic and treasure hunting".  The magazine's aim is to share these stories with the world, so I thought I'd give them a plug here. "Getting grizzly" with the treasure is what it's all about, apparently.
"All Across the World Relic and Treasure Hunters Are Acting Upon Their Temerity and Getting Grizzly with Us here In Temerity Magazine. You can Comment on Each Article on". 
They at least admit that "It takes temerity to dig up the past". Sure does. Issue one is here, and you can read all of them here. and here is a video:

Posted by Chad Everson

Mr Everson ("It is time to dig up that Great American Pioneer Spirit, one piece of Grizzly Relic and Treasure at a Time!") is from Minnesota, and also has a blog here.

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