Thursday, 11 September 2014

American Committee for Cultural Policy, Inc. Report: It was the Ayrabs That Did it!

Kate Fitz Gibbon of the American Committee for Cultural Policy, Inc. ('A Bridge Too Far – Using IS to End the Trade in Art', September 5, 2014) hints about a forthcoming CCP research report coming out soon:
One of the best arguments against an embargo on Syrian art is that the US imposed draconian import restrictions on Iraqi art many years ago – and the absence of a US market has not deterred looters. Iraqi artifacts were not going to the US except in the hands of a few misguided servicemen and journalists, but were instead flowing to the Gulf region. [...] The Gulf States and Japan bought Iraqi art during the Iraq war; the Gulf States and Turkey are now said to be the primary buyers of Syrian art.
We look forward to the CCP's publication of its empirical data supporting their model.

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