Tuesday, 9 September 2014

British Museum Wants Someone to Update Its Website for Free

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"The British Museum is [...] seeking free help on its website and other “products” from experienced coders in the guise, naturally, of an unpaid internship or “student placement” with its “Digital Team.”[...] the three responsibilities outlined in the ad:
“Assisting staff developers with updating the code on the museum’s website”
“Researching solutions for technical problems and new web and mobile products”
“Participating in brainstorming about new digital products” 
The first two are rote tasks (updating and troubleshooting) that clearly replace paid functions within the museum’s staff (which is US labor law’s standard for internship legality, and maybe the UK’s too); the last is so nebulous as to be virtually meaningless".
 Mostafa Heddaya, 'British Museum Wants Someone to Update Its Website for Free', Hyperallergic, September 8, 2014.

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