Monday, 8 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "The World of Stupid"

Heritage Action quote a detectorist who does not seem to understand the issue of ownership and why it an issue:
“Speaking of the anti detecting squad, over in the world of stupid there has been a barrage of blog posts aimed at destabilising this beneficial and fun hobby. One topic that has got the anti’s (sic) a bit moist (sic) is the PAS stating to landowners that they should ask to see all finds that have been made on their land. Here are a couple of blog posts from the anti’s (sic), one on Paul Barfords (sic) blog and one on the Heritage Journal blog. I love the way they portray it as some BIG thing, however i don’t agree, it seems quite minuscule if I’m honest".
In what way is it "the land of stupid" to expect artefact hunters in the UK to act in accordance with the law and best practice? As HA point out, it is easy for the artefact hunter to say it's not a big issue when it's not his property being hoiked while he is being kept in the dark about what it is and how much it is worth. In what way would it "destabilise" the hobby by asking finder-takers to keep property owners fully informed about the items they are taking away and their significance/value? Is the only way to keep the "hobby stable" to encourage them to do it clandestinely?

Vignette: The World of Stupid

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