Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Archaeosoup Productions Nazi War Diggers Strikes Back on Channel 5

"Unethical and downright dangerous".  
A new video from Archaeosoup Productions "Nazi War Diggers Strikes Back on Channel 5!" Three metal detectorists and a dealer finding stuff. My accuser "Estuary English" caught looking gormless on film.

Contact details suggested at end. Who's going to protest and how many inefficacious UK archaeologist jobsworths are just going to sit back with shrugged shoulders and pretend it's not happening - like they do with all other metal detecting abuses? Portable Antiquities Scheme, this means you too.

And what about so-called "responsible metal detectorists" in the UK. Is this what they want to see portraying their hobby on British TV? Is this the sort of ambassadorship of the hobby that is helpful to their cause as the legitimising PAS slowly goes into meltdown? I'd say they above all it is they (as members of "the history- loving public") who should be making their displeasure known to TV companies about broadcasting such material in their name. Where is the thread decrying this onscreen barbarity on any of the metal detecting forums near you?
Hat tip Rainer Schreg

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