Tuesday, 19 January 2016

TV War Digger: "Wot Abow' Archies Then, Eh"?

One of the presenters from the "Nazi War Digger" series Kris Rodgers apparently has a chip on his shoulder  about archaeology. In the inevitable thread "Norfolk Is The Best Place To Find Treasure" on a metal detecting forum near you (Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:24 pm) we find him writing:
So, we're ignoring all the looting in the early 1900's all over the world in the name of 'archaeology', then? We're not talking about nicking a few coins illegally here. We're talking about stealing many many treasures, opening tombs, desecrating places of cultural significance, and a lot lot more. But that's ok. It's all in the name of archaeology, don't you know.
And Battlefield Recovery where three detectorists and a dealer used a toothed bucket on a mechanical excavator to rip into a deeply-stratified site and are filmed wrenching human bones out of the ground was in the name of what, precisely?


Unknown said...

It's not the early 1900's. Why is he comparing today's situation to a hundred years ago? Assuming that his point is that there were "bad archeologists" back then, and assuming that is true, what is he saying exactly? Sounds to me like he's defending his own practices by comparing them to unsubstantiated wrongs committed by archeologists a hundred years ago. Huh? More deflection from the truth. Maybe he actually believes this nonsense he's spouting is some kind of tit for tat. Weak.

Paul Barford said...

Many metal detectorists reveal themselves to have rather Neanderthal intellects.

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