Monday, 18 January 2016

Neil Brodie's Blog

Looted site, think about it
There is a new (from 10th January 2016) and significant blog by Neil Brodie which looks like it will be an important source of both measured opinion and information: Market of Mass Destruction, Commentary and opinion on the the illicit trade in cultural objects:
" I have been prompted to start this blog by the omnishambles of international public policy as it struggles but fails to achieve some kind of grip on the illicit trade in cultural objects."
It is nice to see some blunt talk from Britain. Usually most British archaeologists (and that includes, or above all concerns its professional bodies) can manage is some ineffective mealy-mouth glibness accompanied by shoulder-shrugging and hand-wringing. We need more heritage professionals to tell it like it is and question the fogscreen terminology. From the first three posts on the blog, it looks like Dr Brodie is well up to the task. Thank goodness - now where are all the rest of you?

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