Saturday, 16 January 2016

World War Two Deaths by Percentage of Population

This map (by "Amazing Maps" ) showing 'World War 2 deaths in Europe by percentage of population' is a graphic reminder of why four diggers from the pink areas, Britain and the USA,  exploitively trashing graves in the areas of eastern Europe for TV entertainment (and production company profit) in such a colonialist manner is totally insensitive (via Tom Loveking).

The map is a simplification, the Baltic states are shown as part of the former Soviet Union. In the case of the latter, while the percentage of the whole population is depicted, the zone of Nazi occupation where the fighting and mass executions went on was smaller than the area shown on this map [roufghly a wavy line between Leningrad, the outskirts of Moscow and Rostok], so in terms of the effects of the war on a regional scale (the scale which family memories will work) the concentration of deaths is far greater than is shown here. Having said that, huge numbers of young men were drafted into the war from far-flung regions of the Soviet Union far to the east - many of whom never returned home, some lie in Warsaw and Berlin]. Note the war losses in Poland (shown with its 1938 borders). 

WW2 deaths (only deaths, not casualties) by 'percentage of population' (Maps)

ClearStory was founded in 2011 by Russell Barnes and Molly Milton. They have been trying to make money by exploiting this with the help of metal detectorists and a Nazi relic dealer.

Russell and Molly shame on you and your team
Meanwhile Clearstory continue to ignore issues like what German Army veteran Georg Schimelmann says in his description of his war in Kurland and his fears over what the "Battlefield Recovery" programme shows.  Also: 'The real cost of black digging: A personal view by Military Historian Robin Schäfer'. If these issues were discussed in any depth pre-production, it does not show at all in the final result as broadcast. What next Russell and Molly, "Syrian War Dead: the Gruesome Truth"? "Islamist Sex Slaves: the Private Videos"? The mind boggles.

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