Wednesday, 6 January 2016

"Working with People who Discover Rare Objects"

A reader has sent me this, I thought I'd quote it verbatim.
This is nice, Mr B. !  Anonymous donor gives "rare and wonderful" ancient coin to Museums
And on reading your blog I wonder how many objects on that day (and every day) were not only not given to museums but not even reported! By the way, as a concerned citizen, I've given stuff to a museum in her patch, as have many other people no doubt, yet Angie Bolton said not a word. Nobody welcomed my donations with as much as a single teardrop in their eye. Is it because we are not detectorists? #whitewashinghoikingatpublicexpense
Apparently, "museum staff were left in tears of joy by the "special" gift".
Angie Bolton, finds liaison officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Worcestershire, which works with people who discover rare objects, said [...] Christmas came early to Museums Worcestershire"
The museum has only two others, but the coin is hardly "rare" as in Worcestershire itself, 84 are recorded in the PAS database, which would suggest that up to 98.8% of the recent finds have ended up in private collections. This is near the region of operation of "England’s most successful detectorist"  who has found lots of staters, some from near Worcester but by his own admission, these will not be among those recorded by Ms Bolton.

"Works with people..." who do what Ms Bolton? Is that like the people who filled in the holes of the seventh row of the Periodic table then? Or are we just talking about people who target archaeological sites and assemblages for collectables?

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