Saturday, 30 January 2016

Battlefield Hoiker Claqueurs Fall Silent

In a post last Sunday (Łubu-dubu: "Battlefield Recovery" (Nazi War Diggers) Supporters and Leningrad Sock Puppets) I list some if the claqueurs who have been tweeting in support of Clearstory's Nazi-War Battlefield Recovery.

I cannot say what Amy J. Clark has been writing on her mate's performance this week,  since she blocked me, but it is obviously nothing worth anyone else retweeting.  Neil Humphries, is also a "mate" of one of the diggers. He has apparently decided not to add anything to his comments last week. Then there is who has also gone silent. Rugby coach likewise. A surprise was "Harry Smith-Taylor" taking a break from his trolling. The new account of also seems to have suspended its activity.  The exception is the vacant clown calling himself HowardCarterGo the "investigative journalist" from London. He has added to his earlier activity these three tweets:
  26 min26 minut temu

1 godz.1 godzinę temu
Roll up, roll up. Last opportunity (for the moment) for UK archaeo-snobs to wallow in spite and finger-pointing
 But, Mr Carter, the problem is you do seem to be rather alone tonight in supporting the all-too-apparent failings of this amateurish escapade. Viewer figures have dropped enormously, suggesting that it is not just "archaeologists" who have no stomach for this.

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