Sunday, 31 January 2016

Battlefield Recovery Po Polsku

A team of amateurish PAS-partners came over from Great Britain to my country to "help" us to recover the war dead. They made a film showing what they did (though they claim they edited the film to make it look worse than what they actually did). Here's a film about how we do it, actually not far from the site where Clearstory's group of misfit artefact collectors were playing history seekers. Spot the differences:
In the way the bones are exposed in plan and not pulled out piecemeal,
the way artefacts are presented (no shouting or exclamations of excitement/how much it would be worth, the object is not ripped apart on camera)
the person filmed does not run around wearing the gas mask pretending to be a soldier,
Nobody is making money from the filming of this operation
Is it archaeological snobbery (sic) to point this out, or is what we see here rather more like what one would expect to see in the treatment of an accidental find (as here) of human remains? 

Posted on You Tube by Dariusz Brożek 20.08.2014
What were Cleasrstory and the "Nazi War" diggers thinking of?

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