Monday, 25 January 2016

Collaboration with UK Metal Detectorists: "A Mistake from Beginning to End"

"Nazi War" skeletons

Pipeline exclusive: Pomost Statement Slams "Battlefield Recovery" and Clearstory, Jan 25th 2016.
"a mistake from the beginning to the end", "dishonest", "abuse of trust", "looked like Black diggers", "that was the first and the last time"
Yep, work with British metal detectorists like that and what do you expect?  The problem is that the group may have been misled, there is a vast difference in mentality between Polish metal detectorists (eksploratorzy) and the sort of clueless clowns that take up the tool in the UK. An international scandal, and both the NCMD and PAS are keeping well out of it and the subject is taboo on the forums.

UPDATE 26th Jan 2016
Matthew Thomas contacted Adam Białas of the Polish organisation POMOST who issued a statement distancing themselves from the persons shown "...who played with detectors, ammunition and bones" and expressing regret that their good work was shown in unfair way in the episode of the show filmed on their site in Poland. Białas stated that after their experiences, Pomost would never work again with ClearStory.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting you should say there's a vast difference between Polish detectorists and the clueless clowns. Based on my experience I concur. We went to a rally for Polish detectorists a few years back and found the same thing.

We actually wrote: “they struck us as generally a step up from many of their English counterparts. More polite, better educated and by all accounts keen to do the right thing” and posed the question: “Does the European approach of having rules attract more thoughtful people than the British one of no rules?”. It really could be as simple as that, with perhaps the opposite applying in Britain, with "no rules" and “voluntary” attracting less thoughtful people.

If Britain had regulated artefact hunting as it should have, would it not have exported an unacceptable group to Latvia and Poland?

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