Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pomost in Poland

The sock-puppet "Howard Carter" suggests: [Update, realising it is a lie, he seems to have deleted it, but there's a copy here]
Pomost viewed and endorsed the episode when originally launched by Nat Geo
 Really? So why then did they reportedly block its showing in Poland and do not mention this escapade on their website? Can we see the excavation permits and health and safety records (Sanepid too) for both Pomost and the Clearstory diggers? It should be noted that Pomost is a foundation promoting Polish-German friendship (see facebook page here), it is not an archaeological organization per se.

I certainly would not see what we observe in this film Pomost allowing three foreign metal detectorists and a controversial dealer in Nazi relics to do to buried remains interred in a grave in a German village now in Poland within living memory is going to do anything at all for Polish-German friendship. In my own experience, these are extremely sensitive issues which Clearstory and these four buffoons have simply trampled across.

Worth noting is that the Facebook page of POMOST has a huge blank in November 2013 when the exhumation took place. There is very little between the 1st November that year and the end of the month. Why is there not a feature on the televised collaboration with "a team of British experts" with the same aims as them, which will give the group international publicity? Odd that, innit.

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