Friday, 8 January 2016

"Nazi War Digging" in The Guardian

Digging inhumations wiv SPADES? Crass.

David Barnett, 'Channel 5 accused of supporting 'grave-robbing' over TV show Battlefield Recovery', The Guardian Friday 8 January 2016 
Channel 5 are not backing down and are refusing to remove the programme from the schedules. A spokesman said: “In deciding to acquire Battlefield Recovery for broadcast in the UK, Channel 5 has examined the concerns raised about the programme. “Having discussed these concerns with the show’s producer, Clearstory, we are sufficiently satisfied with the reassurances we have been given about the process of production to go ahead with our planned broadcast.
But the question is why the finished product does not show that, but instead looks like a hurried smash and grab operation? Why would one buy something that looks like that after being privately informed that it was not as it looks? Why not buy a programme claiming to “throws light on less well-known and well-documented battlefields" which actually look like proper investigations? The issue is, surely, what the public sees. In this case the Emperor is completely naked.

There are some pretty ignorant comments under this article, that'd be the "audiences" of the LVA PAS speaking.  Good to see archaeologist David Connolly (BAJR) stepping in where the PAS and its fifty-odd "Outreach" and "Liaison" staff always fear to tread.


Brian Curtiss said...

It's better that the program be broadcast - it will cause public outcry and controversy and draw attention to the issues which many in the tv viewing public would never think twice about otherwise.

Paul Barford said...

If your Dad had been 'Missing in Action' here, would you say the same?

We've had public debate, let's see production company lose money over production decisions, that will speak to them and crush their carefree defiance of civilized norms in search of profit. Money talks even to moral pygmies.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're wrong Mr Barford, 8 out of 8 archaeologists who contributed to a forum had no complaint whatsoever about the programme!

"Amateur archaeologists" that is. On a detecting forum.
Lovely, enlightened people.

Paul Barford said...

used apostrophes to make plurals and 'of' as an auxiliary verb, no doubt.

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