Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Were all "Battlefield Recovery" Artefacts Recovered under Clearstory's Excavation Licence Handed Over?

Oh dear, look what is now being reported from Germany....

podał/a dalej: 
This WW2 relic (hand engraved) was in Ep1 and is confirmed not to be at Latvian War Museum

 Also: 57 min.57 minut temu
Latvian War Museum confirmed only 5 items donated from despite this vast number seen in Ep1.

48 min.48 minut temu
Northern Ephemera podał/a dalej ImOhShep
So the watch, soap dish, mess tin with name on and other personal items are missing. The culturally valuable ones.
Latvia x2 Red Army 'Guard' badges, x1 Wermacht Cap Badge, x1 Nivea Bottle, x1 Splinter case RDG33 Red Army hand grenade

Clearstory, can we see an inventory of the items you handed over to the Latvuian war Museum and a protocol detailing what happened to the rest? You can put it online with the excavation permit for Kris Rodgers, Steven Taylor, Craig Gottleib and Adrian Kostromski. Please. Let's get the story clear.

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