Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Battlefield Diggers, Accusations Confronted with Facts

Sam Hardy has written about the manner in which people raising issues about what we are seeing on "Battlefield Recovery" were treated: "Speculation, misinformation and lies, they said. ‘Speak to Legenda and Pomost for facts’, they said".
In the discussion about the Nazi War Diggers’ Battlefield Recovery, one of the under-currents – or counter-currents – was a defence of the programme. Any search of #NaziWarDiggers or #BattlefieldRecovery will show that those defences were few and far between. And the knowledge and motives of even those few defenders were sometimes questionable.
Amy Clark gets a mention. Sam contrasts what the supporters of the programme were saying (or were told to say) and what in fact the people whose projects the programme set in Poland do ungraciously  highjacks are saying about the four artefact hunters and their television buddies.
Will the Nazi War Diggers change their behaviour now that their former workmates have dismissed them as badge collectors who play with metal detectors, guns and bones? Or will they just target even more vulnerable communities and sites?
That presupposes that metal detectorists are capable of learning anything at all from the experience. We will see.  

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