Wednesday, 13 January 2016

"Battlefield Recovery" Gone?

"Sorry, Battlefield Recovery isn't currently scheduled to be on any of our channels" - why "sorry"?
Andy Brockman is reporting that the execrable "Battlefield Recovery|" might have been withdrawn by Channel five and if that is confirmed, my letter to the Polish State Prosecutor outlining why they should conduct an investigation into what the four detectorists apparently did in Poland on the basis of the broadcast of episode three will again not be sent. If it has gone, good. Let us hope that this time it really has gone for good - such a programme should never have been made.

UPDATE 13th Jan 2016 21:55
Andy Brockman 6 godz.6 godzin tem  UPDATE; As of 14.32 today @Channel5Press confirm #BattlefieldRecovery will air as planned this Saturday 

But there seems to be some confusion about this, the text that it is not on any of their channels remains on their website and episode one is not available through "Demand five". Perhaps the webpage has been sabotaged by some "idle unemployed" anti-detector conspirators who have penetrated the media?

UPDATE 16th Jan 2016
Five Sneaky Bastards now reveal they had not taken the show off the air, altering the website for a few days was apparently a deceptive ploy to attempt to quieten down the critics.

"Weepy-eye Gottleib" peers into a helmet to see if there's a skull to tip out. 
Dusting off my letter to Polish State Prosecutor again.

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