Sunday, 3 January 2016

Repeat of 2014 Lenborough Hoard hoik thwarted, but not in the name of the best interests of Archaeology

Heritage Action recall the fiasco that was the Lenborough Hoard hoik,
"Unaffected by 18 years of PAS outreach a large group of detectorists pressurised a respectable professional into digging out the Lenborough hoard in a hurried and damaging manner on the blatantly fraudulent grounds that it couldn’t be guarded overnight. PAS later compounded the farce by pretending everything was fine. Was that the low point of PAS’s behaviour, ever? Probably. Nothing like what its founders intended."
but point out that this low point was to be followed by another:
the original heroes of Lenborough, not archaeologists, are [planning to hold] another rally right now (Jan 3rd 2016) on that very field! That’s how inured we are in this country to unacceptably damaging behaviour in plain sight and how utterly ludicrous and inadequate our definition of “good practice” currently is!
Fortunately the weather gods are again on the side of Gaia, the Lenbourgh Return "rallie" was called-off at the last minute because it was too cold even for hoard hoiking:
Re: Rallie 3rd Jan 16 Postby bob79 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:22 pm CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER.
Good.  But no doubt the respite is only temporary, they'll be back for more dosh, I have no doubt.

UPDATE 3rd January 2016
Good one. Heritage Action comment on the "rallie"  cancellation:
Funny innit, how the Met Office has bravely done for Archaeology what Britain’s timid and “voluntary” portable antiquities policy can’t!

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