Saturday, 23 January 2016

Relic Hunters Savaging Sarbka

"Overall, this show continues to be a cesspool of bad practice, unethical
excavation, and poor science and outreach

I have just watched Battlefield Recovery episode three, and downloaded as many screenshots as I could. I REALLY expected Channel Five  to have broadcast Episode four in its place tonight considering what happened when another broadcaster tried to show it in Poland. I really did. But they just went brazenly ahead regardless. I am too annoyed to write about it tonight, this was appalling.

How on earth any responsible TV company could send such morons to my country to dig up fresh bodies and "interpret" them to an international audience when they clearly have absolutely no idea of the historical context beats me.*

This programme should (if made at all - which I consider debatable) have presented Pomost's work only, without the four English-speaking clowns.

There are several scenes where  the four metal detectorists are shown digging independently at a site which is now revealed to be Sarbka (exhumation November 2013). Now is the time for them to show the excavation permits issued specifically to them by the provincial conservator, who happens to be a close personal friend of mine. I may well take a trip to Poznan to see that "documentation" they claim to have made.

I presume that Pomost was made aware of the broadcast of this episode and we will be getting a proper response from them outlining any differences between what was done and what was shown in this fictionalised film.

*After his performance on the Polish metal detecting forums last year, it is nice to see that increasingly abrasive and annoying Monkey Man ("wiv me Polish roots") does after all speak passable Polish, but the scene where the Nazi-relic dealer and homegrown 'tactical expert' pretends to is just another of those pathetic fictions which totally discredits the presentation of this escapade.

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