Tuesday 26 November 2013

A Joson Dynasty seal Acquired by Los Angeles County Museum of Art Korean War Loot?

After the case of nine seals lifted from Korea by a returning US serviceman reported earlier in the week, news is breaking that a 16th century (Joson dynasty) gilt bronze turtle-shaped royal seal in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art since 2000 may also have been stolen during  the 1950-1953 Korean War. This one is thought to have been stolen from the Jongmyo royal shrine in Seoul, according to South Korean officials. The seal, which had belonged to collection belonged to Queen Munjeong, who ruled as regent for her young son King Myeongjong from 1545 to 1553, was confiscated by US authorities in January. The Korean government has long thought that similar Joseon Dynasty items that went missing after the war were stolen by American soldiers.

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