Friday 15 November 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Leaflet in Every Box

There are some useful points made here:  "Metal Detecting – Permission Granted?" John Winter, 15 November 2013:
The recent spate of stories where people entering the hobby having bought a relatively simple machine, exploring near a path or in woods and finding ‘treasure’ is on the increase. In most cases to which I refer, the ‘newbie’ didn’t have the necessary permission to search. In mitigation, they said they were unaware that it was even necessary.
But is not doing (and thinking of) such things the task of a body of fifty blokes and ladies who've had sixteen years and over 15 million pounds to do precisely this kind of outreach? What are they doing if they are not managing to get even such a simple message across? So others will have to step in where PAS has once again failed us all, using their own time effort and money to do something that should long ago have been sorted.


kyri said...

do you honestly think the kids or teenagers buying metal detectors advertised as treasure hunting machines in toy shops or cash-convertors care about where they are going to detect.thats why licensing,with a fact sheet about the legal issues of metal detecting,is the very least that should be introduced and than and only than we can maybe get them to look at the ethical issues involved.

Detectorbloke said...

I think kids and teenagers are not that much to worry about. They soon get bored of finding ringpulls. It's the adults who have enough intelligence to know where to go and who know they need permission but don't care are the ones to worry about.

Be useful to have some more high profile arrests to!

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