Tuesday 19 November 2013

Egypt seizes antiquities being smuggled to Israel

According to Egyptian security forces, the authorities seized antiquities in Northern Sinai dating back to the Roman and Pharaoh eras on Monday ("Egypt seizes antiquities being smuggled to Israel", Ma'an News Agency 18th Nov 2013)
They told Ma’an in el-Arish that Egyptian forces raided the home of a suspected antiquity smuggler in the village of Rabia in North Sinai district. Large numbers of antiquities including pottery, coins and sculptures dating back to the Roman and Pharaoh eras were seized.  Initial investigations revealed that the antiquities were prepared to be smuggled into Israel to be sold there.  
The stock photo accompanying the article shows some (really awful) fakes. The Egyptians seem particularly intent on pointing out that the Israelis are the ones responsible for a lot of cultural theft: "Last Sunday, the Egyptian ministry of antiquities said 90 ancient artifacts were recovered after they were put on sale by a Jerusalem auction house. Egypt has also asked Israel to find other antiquities and return them to Cairo".

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