Thursday 28 November 2013

The Portable Antiquities Scheme and Roman Britain

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Tom Brindle The Portable Antiquities Scheme and Roman Britain ISBN: 9780861591961 Published by: British Museum Press Series: British Museum Research Publication 196 Year of Publication: 2014 206p, 70 maps "A comprehensive evaluation of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the archaeological value of its findings particularly in relation to Roman Britain". Does the PAS have "findings"? It could be interesting to see how that is presented. Anyway, if other PAS-centred works (Moorhead coins) seem anything to go by, lots of dot-distribution maps seem likely to be in the in the offing. I doubt I'll be getting a review copy, but I bet the tekkies will be gobbling it up.

UPDATE 21.6.14
My copy came today, and am browsing it now. It's well-organized and quite clearly written (though at the cost of being awfully repetitive). It also overlaps in some areas with Walton's thesis and one wonders what is going on there (seminars?). What is interesting is it presents the information in a way that seems intended to aid the non-British reader to understand what's going on, though some of the detail of the case studies is hardly intelligible at a distance. Anyway, interesting.

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