Saturday 23 November 2013

Facebook page "I Am A Metal Detectorist and I Vote"

Since I see that the (anonymous) "I Am A Metal Detectorist and I Vote" Facebook page has generously given a link to this blog ("to let others voice their opinions and to read his other concerns:") I will return the courtesy. Have a look at what concerns metal detectorists in the USA - apart from the latest post there which reveals an apparent lack of understanding of what constitutes a "conflict of interest" in professional archaeology.

The "I Am A Metal Detectorist and I Vote" page is about:  Sharing legal matters concerning metal detecting, prospecting, and collecting. Members are urged to vote against those who vote against our hobby! Oh and engage in personal attacks on those who have concerns about the way that hobby is practised and the effects that is having on the conservation of the archaeological record.  

Anyone want to set up a "Millions of us do not Collect Portable Antiquities and we vote" page?

Vignette: the banner from the "I am a Morris Dancer and I vote" webpage.  

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