Thursday 21 November 2013

EU to Renegotiate Terms for Movement of Antiquities

 Dave Keating is currently in Warsaw at the climate conference, but has an interesting article out today  
Culture ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (26 November) are expected to agree a position on modifying EU rules governing the return of cultural objects unlawfully moved from one EU member state to another. [...] The current directive was adopted in 1993, in parallel to the creation of the internal market, which presented complications for ongoing looted art challenges between member states. But it has been ineffective, because of its limited scope, short timelines for initiating proceedings, and insufficient co-operation between member states. The revision aims to offer better mechanisms to secure the return of cultural objects classified as national treasures, and to align EU rules with international laws.  [...] The Parliament's culture committee will vote on the proposal on 21 January, and negotiations are then expected to begin immediately. 
The subject is currently even more topical due to Greece's increasingly loud accusations that in the 18th and 19th century the United Kingdom looted antiquities from what is now Greece and is refusing to countenance their return. The most famous case is of course the Parthenon marbles ripped off that building and now displayed as disjointed pieces in the British Museum.

 Dave Keating, 'Push for update to rules on return of looted art'  European Voice  21.11.2013.

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