Thursday 21 November 2013

Seven sentenced over Olympia robbery in Greece

Who'd buy such antiquities? [rhetorical question]. Photo: Ekatherini
Seven men were sentenced by a Greek court on Wednesday in connection with the museum robbery by armed men in Olympia in February 2012.
A 41-year-old man believed to be the brains behind the operation, a 50-year-old former contractor who arranged the sale and a 37-year-old man were all handed seven-year sentences [...] Two other Greeks were sentenced to six years while two Bulgarians were handed lighter sentences.
Nearly 80 archaeological artefacts were stolen. In November 2012, three suspects trying to sell a Bronze Age gold ring in a hotel in the western city of Patras wrer arrested. They turned out to have connections with the Olympia theft and police subsequently recovered the stolen items.

'Seven sentenced over Olympia robbery in Greece', Thursday November 21, 2013.

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