Tuesday 12 November 2013

Breaking News: An Ancient Coin Discussed on "Ancient Coins" Blog

A turnup for the books, Dealer Dave Welsh's "Ancient Coins" blog for the past months (like the two forums he runs) has largely carried texts about anything but ancient coins. The main content of the blog of this ACCG officer seems to suggest an obsession with insulting and otherwise attacking the person of a certain archaeo-blogger. That must have been a disappointment for those going there to hear numismatic musings and learn something about the accomplishments of private collectors and their contributions to our knowledge and understanding of the past.

 It was a pleasant surprise then to find today a text on "A Remarkable Tetradrachm of Persis with the head of Autophradates I":
the reverse of which bears detailed depiction of a Zoroastrian temple surmounted by a bust of the Wise Lord Ahuramazda. The bust is similar to that in the Behistun inscription of Darius I. The symbolism embodied in this rare and unusual coin emphasizes the historical connection of Persis (as it arose from the disintegrating Seleukid Kingdom) with the Achaemenid Persian Empire and the Zoroastrian religion.
History in your hand. Let us hope that Dealer Dave Welsh continues to use his blog for sharing his knowledge of ancient numismatics for the benefit of all, rather than the series of insulting posts for which he has latterly become renowned which benefit nobody, least of all the image of the ACCG and the collector members it claims to represent.

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