Saturday 16 November 2013

Fakes, Can one Love Them?

Alva Noë, 'How To Love A Fake', OPB Nov. 15, 2013
We sometimes think of paintings as like autographs. It’s only Mick Jagger’s autograph if he signed it, with his very hand. And it’s only a Vermeer, say, or a Rothko, if Vermeer or Rothko themselves actually made the pictures.[...] But [...]We value paintings for their own qualities. [...] Perhaps, then, we should think of painting, not on the autograph model, but on what I’ll call the architecture model. Le Corbusier doesn’t have to have built the structure for it to be an expression of his artistic accomplishment. And so with painters.
What about antiquities treated as an expression of "ancient art"?

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