Sunday 10 November 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Targeting Likely Sites


Treasure Maps, Famous Hoard Locations and another 1000 Roman and Iron Age / Celtic sites added to the ARCHI UK database

More than 1000 Roman and Iron Age sites have just been added to the ARCHI UK database.
The locations of the most famous hoards found in the UK and Treasure Maps are also being added to the ARCHI database. The locations of hoard findspots have been added for those of us who are interested in determining which factors in a hoard's location may have been important when the decision was made to place the hoard or treasure in that particular place.
The findspot of the Staffordshire Hoard was not far from the place called Hammerwich which was mentioned in the Domesday Book. So, concentrating your research around places mentioned in the Domesday Book is a good place to start. You may also ask yourself other questions such as:
Is the hoard findspot by a major ancient route such as a Roman Road? Was it placed in close proximity to a permanent landmark such as a standing stone or stone circle? How far from the nearest ancient settlement or Domesday Book placename was the findspot? Was the findspot close to a river? How many paces from a field boundary was the findspot? Are there any cropmarks near to the findspot?
Finding to the answers to questions such as the above and looking for common links in the patterns of hoard placement may lead you to find the next hoard of the decade!
And make lots of dosh at the expense of hoiking out part of the archaeological record, and you'll get paid for it!!

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