Monday 11 November 2013

Riesco Collection Sale Appeal

Croydon Council has approved the sale of 24 items from its antique Chinese ceramics collection, despite objections from the Museums Association (MA), Arts Council England (ACE) and the local community.

Riesco Collection Sale Appeal Fund, donate here.


 Patrick Steel, 'Legal challenge to Croydon sale withdrawn', 11.11.2013

Charlotte Davies, a leader of the South Croydon Community Association, and the signatory of the judicial review application, said: [...] “I still needed the funds upfront to be sure that I would not lose my home. We were £3,500 short on Friday, we just could not go on. “It was like edging out across the ice to face a polar bear. The bear (Croydon Council) had far more resources and was better equipped for survival. They could boast to a local journalist last week that I would be personally bankrupted and could not possibly win. “They were right, the balance of power and risks is so heavily weighted against private individuals that you cannot realistically take on an authority even though you know the case is the right thing to do unless you have the funds up front.” A spokesman for Croydon Council said: “We are pleased that the sale of the Riesco items can go ahead as planned.
 Vignette:  Chinese 14th century stoneware narcissus bowl (Museums Association)

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