Sunday 24 November 2013

True Dick, Anonymous-FacebookGuy and the Discussion of the Erosive Effects of Metal Detecting

Over on the "I am an artefact hunter and I vote" Facebook page (check it out), in response to a comment I posted in reply to something somebody there had (of course anonymously - and using the first person plural) said about me, a fellow metal detectorist urges "Anonymous-Facebook-Guy":
Do not respond to this guy. He is nothing but trouble, and never has a kind word for anyone. A troll of the highest order and even his fellow archaeologists disown him.
Of course in metal detecting circles, it is the trolls of the highest order that get noticed and create the public image of the hobby. They never get "disowned" by their fellow metal detectorists.

Yes,"Anonymous-Facebook-Guy", do not respond. Just throw out some unsubstantiated crap and when somebody asks you what lies behind what you said, just don't respond. Or if you do, just bring it down to an ad hominem like your peers. Nobody expects anything else from metal detectorists these days. No answers. Ever. Just sniping and trolling.

UPDATE 27th Nov 2013
So it will be no surprise to anybody that "Anonymous-Facebook-Guy" decided, instead of explaining his point of view when challenged, simply to delete the topic where he wanted to try and gain some support for his cause by trying to raise outrage over "something Paul Barford had said". That's pretty pathetic. How can they fight their cause if they are going to collapse every time their ill-conceived tub-thumping glib crap is challenged?

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