Friday 22 November 2013

Coiney Lobbyists Drop the Ball

There was an interesting discussion of ethics at the American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting in Baltimore, MD this year. It constituted session 3B ("The values of ASOR, developing a comprehensive ethics policy").  It is good to see such topics being discussed in this context. I noticed the mention of a short paper by numismatist Jane DeRose Evans (Temple University), who figures on a list of 'good guys' here.  According to a coiney who was there, although she had only a five minute soundbite like all the rest she was  clear and precise - extremely forceful and outspoken. She reportedly spoke out against the publishing of any numismatic material without proper 'provenance' post-1970. She brought up the Peter Weiss case and discussed some of the issues of unreported hoards. A famous antiquity dealer from Israel was in the audience, but notably absent were any of the lobbyists from the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild. One wonders when these people will begin any proper dialogue on the real issues, to fail to do so will only lead to their alienation from the ethical collectors headed in a different direction from their current policies of confrontation and abuse.

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