Friday 29 November 2013

Libya Workshop on Antiquities Smuggling

The Libyan Department of Antiquities, in collaboration with the United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), Interpol, and the World Customs Organisation (WCO), organised a 9-day training session about preventing antiquity theft and smuggling. 
There were panel discussions about the theft of archaeological heritage, how to build international co-operation and implement international laws to reduce these thefts, as well as methods of classifying and archiving artefacts[...].  UNESCO Libya contributed to two other similar workshops during this year in the fight against Libyan antiquities theft, especially after an increase in robberies. The most famous stolen items were the Quryna treasures, a collection of gold and silver coins, beads, agate necklaces, earrings and bronze statues housed by the commercial bank of Benghazi. They vanished in May 2011.  
Source: Ali al-Gattani, Libya to curb antiquities smuggling, Magharebia. 29/11/2013.

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