Saturday 23 November 2013

Focus on Metal Detecting: Not in it fer the munny, but I'm Really Jus' Lookin' fer 'Oards

Of course the observer looking at the thread started on a metal detecting forum near you by member "Targets" (Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:50 pm): "How many hoards from Pasture /how many from ploughed? will have noticed the discrepancy between the official ("only larning about the 'istry, not in it fer the munny, nobody gets rich detecting") picture of artefact hunting on UK archaeological sites and a whole group of people basically saying what they are after are the hoards. Hoards are great for UK detectorists, they don't have to do anything, not clean them up, photograph them, write a description, post them up on eBay. No, they just have to hand them over in 14 days and wait for the money to drop through the letterbox. Admittedly some of them get frustrated waiting to get their hands on the public dosh from flogging off Britain's archaeology, some of them are disappointed that they do not get as much public dosh as they were expecting ("they cheated me!") but on the whole its all a pretty convenient way of making the hobby pay. Some, the rumour goes, even wangle it to do it on unemployed benefits or while getting a disability allowance. These people, if the benefits office is not notified, get paid twice, all at public expense.

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