Sunday 17 November 2013

Flammenbaum Against Native Americans?

The History Blog takes issue with the remarks of Hannah Flammenbaum’s attorney about a recent ruling of a US court refusing to uphold “title by right of conquest” pointing out that "this entire country is the result of the law of conquest”:
Uh, are you seriously using the genocide of Native Americans as an argument in favor of a Holocaust survivor’s descendants getting to keep stolen property? Because that’s appalling. And yeah, actually, while we’re at it, upholding “title by right of conquest” would open the floodgates to collectors and museums keeping art looted during the Holocaust. These legal battles are ongoing. Why in the world would you want to be the case that establishes the right of Holocaust profiteers to keep the treasures they acquired with blood on their hands? All of this for a tablet that Hannah Flammenbaum claims she wants to donate to the Holocaust Museum anyway? It’s gross.
Read more here: Assyrian gold tablet going back to Germany

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