Saturday, 1 August 2015

Lebanon as Corridor for Smuggling Syrian Antiquities

A rather derivative article, focussed on Lebanon: May Abboud Abi Akl, 'Looters find path to export antiquities via Lebanon Al-Monitor July 30, 2015 (translated by Cynthia Milan): 
Lebanon is more of a corridor than a headquarters. The detection operations have been a deterrent to smugglers. Syrian antiquities are being smuggled through other international borders such as Iraq, Turkey and Jordan, especially the occupied Golan. According to data, a large number of smuggled relics go through this channel in particular toward the European countries. [...]  Minister of Culture Raymond Araiji sent a letter to Bokova in March, calling for “setting up a proactive alert system and more vigilance on part of the competent international authorities, which would allow further control over this trafficking.”

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