Saturday, 1 August 2015

There is a City


You Tube video by 'thereisacity' posted 30th July 2015

Once a year on August 1st, the people of Warsaw pay homage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The biggest rebellion against German Nazi occupation during WWII cost over 200 000 lives and destruction of the capital.

Both before and after the Uprising, along with murdering entire communities, the Nazis carried out in Warsaw (as well as many other cities of the occupied country) a deliberate policy of annihilating the local culture. This included emptying museums, stealing or destroying the contents, burning libraries, blowing up landmark buildings and monuments, flattening cemeteries, closing cultural institutions and imprisoning or executing their staff. By their brutal and barbarous acts, the occupiers wanted to wipe out the identity of the conquered nation by deleting its material and non-material. Poland and the Polish people resisted, and it seems to me still today place a higher value on cultural property than many other nations in the EU.

It is in this context that it is particularly disturbing to see the German signatures on the anti-best-practice petition premised on the notion of German superiority to the interests of the citizens of the source countries. Shame on you, have you not learnt any lessons?

UPDATE 2nd August 2015
I see a controversial coin dealer in distant California  (pinching my title) has decided to make himself look ridiculous and attempts to use this post in his nasty smear campaign against myself and the country I now live in.  Shame on you. (As for collector Daniel F[riedman], I have no words for that kind of hatemongering). These comments demonstrate what mentally unbalanced people you are in the company of if you collect coins. 

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