Saturday, 3 November 2012

Monetan Believes Moles are Rodents

Sadly the monetan coineys who consider themselves to be "way beyond monodisciplinary thought" seem nevertheless not to be aware where to place the Talpidae in the animal world. As the rest of us know, they are not "rodents". Self-declared polymathic Monetans may need Wikipedia to explain things like what "ethnocentric" means; the rest of us recognize pseudo-intellectual waffle when we see it. It usually goes with name calling and appeals to authority (once again the hapless and obviously easily-impressed Raimund Karl gets dragged in). 'Art'-seeking Monetans might also like to look up (preferably not in Wikipedia) the etymology of the word artefact. Archaeology is a far more interdisciplinary discipline than coin fondling and 'spot the difference/match the picture' numisphilia.

Vignette: The Canadian mole Talpa Buffoonia is blinded by its own prejudices and feelings of self-importance.


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