Monday 25 March 2013

A Fair Night in the Heritage Blogosphere...

It is a fair night in the blogosphere, though a bit too cold to sit out on the balcony this evening, the stars are shining bright, with no clouds to reflect the big city lights. I am sharing a lovely cake and strawberries and some fine Rhenish wine I bought to celebrate the ACCG's loss in the Supreme Court announced today. A toast to Mr Tompa, for all the effort he put into the case, and being such a gallant loser. I suspect he in reality knows that the cards were stacked against them almost right from the start, and yet he soldiered on.

The irony is that in my opinion - and of course I am no lawyer - there was one point a few years ago when if they'd taken the case in a direction other than the "Constitutional" tack chosen, they'd have had a much better chance of winning.  The ACCG legal team in my view overlooked one simple, but vital,  thing. Furthermore to my eye, the way one of the documents from the FOI was redacted by the DoS shows the latter were very well aware of that. There were probably sighs of relief in Foggy Bottom when it became apparent that it had not been spotted. The ACCG will kick themselves when it is revealed, but the time for that is not now.

To judge from the hits on this blog, several US federal agencies are also reading the heritage blogs tonight with attention. 

So, cheers. One embarrassing spectacle ends and we all live to fight another battle for what we believe.

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