Saturday 16 March 2013

Renewed Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Update on UK Metal Detectorists' Attempt to Force Closure of this Blog

I wrote last week about the attempt by a group of British metal detectorists led by a self-styled "Barford Slayer" to force the closure of this blog by Google by bombarding the corporation with a series of nuisance claims on top of the previous malicious activity. As can be seen, this blog is still functioning.

Perhaps it is time the British metal detecting community recognized that there are legitimate concerns about their hobby and started to address them. Perhaps it is time for British archaeologists to recognize that there are serious concerns about the current form of their "partnership" with artefact hunters and collectors and started to address them. When are we going to see some responsible action taken in this direction instead of dodging the issue and irresponsible and malicious behaviour intended to prevent the discussion of the problems?

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