Wednesday 20 March 2013

Proculus Coin Up For Sale (2)

The search for the PAS record of the Proculus coin reportedly found 'near Stamford Bridge' still produces no results, at the time of writing there appears to be no record for it. At the beginning of the year, I wrote to the FLO a perfectly civil request for information (its her job - and what the museum gives her a nice warm chair to sit on to do - to liaise with members of the public on such matters) and she did not even bother to acknowledge receipt. So, I do not know what she thinks she's playing at.

It seems the dispute between the British museum and its Portable Antiquities Scheme and the coineys will now be stepping up. According to the last opinion from the British Museum and PAS this coin is a Renaissance fake ("PAS Says Proculus Coin a Fake?" Wednesday, 21 November 2012).

Will the British Museum attempt to stop the sale of this item on the grounds that it has pronounced it to be a fake? Or will they shut their eyes to the difference between what the dealer says it is and what they say it is and allow a sale to go ahead that it judges is fraudulent? Surely by law they cannot actually do that. Roger Bland has the duty to notify the authorities if he thinks a crime is being committed. Does he? Or will the PAS and BM change their original identification to something the metal detectorists ("partners") and dealers selling the coin want to hear?

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