Saturday 30 March 2013

Protect Egyptian Cultural Heritage

'Urgent Call to Stop the Pillaging of Egypt's Heritage'
The Egyptian Society of South Africa, out of our concern for the fate of Egypt's magnificent heritage, ask you to join us in our protest against the pillaging and damage being done to ancient sites taking place in Egypt RIGHT NOW! Reports from world renowned Egyptologists, archaeologists and specialists in other disciplines all mention many instances of wanton damage, theft and plain 'treasure seeking' taking place at sites ranging from the Great Pyramid itself to other important sites throughout Egypt. The sad fact is that it appears that little or nothing is being done to control the damage and ongoing theft of Egypt's heritage.
They are ambitiously trying to get 10000 signatures, so they need all the help they can get. the question is of course whether the problem is caused by a lack of will alone, or whether you think Egypt has other, more pressing, problems to which priority must also be given.

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