Friday 29 March 2013

Florida Isolated Finds programme 1994-2005

It is worth noting the arguments offered by the proponents of a new "Citizens Archaeology programme" over in Florida. The previous scheme for the public reporting (apparently compulsory) of artefacts recovered from state waterways ran from 1994 to June 2005 when it was discontinued. In the letter proposing the new scheme it is stressed that in those 21 years, "150 citizens" (Florida has a population of 19,3 million, many of them educated) made "1115 reports" which concerned the findspots of "10,720 artefacts". That's pretty pathetic, an average of seven finders, 511 finds a year. Also what kind of "isolated finds" are we talking about if each finder is bringing in an average of 71 finds each - 71 finds from eight reported sites a year? The Florida Public Archaeology Network complains: "only a few reported locations and they were the same people (harvesting multiple artifacts, not singular finds)".

Vignette: Florida has a flag with a Native American woman on it. 

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