Sunday 24 March 2013

April 2003 - April 2013: Light a Virtual Candle

Last night was Earth Hour and many of us (metal detectorists and dugup coin collectors excepted I would guess) expressed our solidarity with the ideals of conservation by symbolically extinguishing our lights, TVs and computers for at least an hour. Here's another opportunity to express solidarity with the same body of ideas with the warm glow of a candle. This is from SAFE:
The tragic looting of the Iraq Museum was an unthinkable heartbreak, but also an inspiration for the creation of SAFE. Sadly, the tragedy continues with the destruction of archaeological sites, to this very day. Not only in Iraq, but around the world. Since 2003, SAFE has been working on a variety of programs and events to raise awareness about the dire need to protect our shared cultural heritage. We invite you to join with us in this effort. A simple way to participate in the Global Candlelight Vigil is to light your own personal virtual candle by completing and sending us the form below. Your name and location will be displayed on your personal candle page and also will be listed in the column to your right. Also join our Vigil on Facebook. [...]
Spread the word, show you care. Many of the objects taken from the Museum are still missing. Some are presumably in the hands of collectors or dealers somewhere.

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