Monday 18 March 2013

Transatlantic Fantasies: The CBA and the ACCG

Old Man Sayles fantasizes that "Archaeologists entertain the views of private collectors":
 "In reaching out to American collectors of ancient artefacts, the CBA has taken the lead in an area of critical importance to the preservation and study of objects from the past". 
And here's me thinking their spelling was "artifacts". Mr Sayles confuses the hobby of artefact hunting with that of indiscriminate buying of potentially smuggled dugup artefacts. If the CBA were to issue a statement on the latter (and why have they not?) it is likely that it would look something like - and be congruent with - the Code on Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales.

The difference between the CBA and the ACCG is that the former would publish a comment like this by Mr Sayles for discussion, while Mr Sayles consistently rejects comments to his own blog which question what he writes there. Discussion with these people - stuck in their own self-centred fantasy world - is a waste of breath.

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