Sunday 31 March 2013

Renewed Focus onUK Metal Detecting: A Generous Offer from Heritage Action

Since they seem to be having difficulty getting any message through using their own media, Heritage Action have extended a helping hand to other British heritage organizations:
PAS (and indeed EH and CBA) are very welcome to use our Comments section to indicate if they support artefact hunting on this basis and whether it is possible that outreach to farmers is a neglected element of outreach.
The "basis" of artefact hunting to which they refer are the sort of rules metal detectorists are setting themselves, and conning compliant landowners into agreeing with, up and down the country. They ask "is this right?" and the answer is ... a deafening silence from the entire UK archaeological and heritage community, falling in alongside the history grubbers and grabbers.

I wish that latter remark could be simply discounted as an April Fool... Sadly it is the bald and unvarnished truth.

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